Adoption Services

Did You Know?
  • There are 1.5 million adopted children in the United States, over 2% of all U.S. children.
  • There are about 581,000 children in foster care in the United States. Twenty-two percent of these children -- about 127,000 kids -- are available for adoption and in need of a permanent home.

Adoptive Parent

  • Come from all races, religions and walks-of-life
  • May be married or single
  • Must have sufficient income to support yourself and your family
  • Must have enough physical space in their home for a child/children
  • Must recognize that adoption will impact their child and family for a lifetime
  • Must be willing to receive training, support, and counseling to learn effective parenting strategies to meet the specific needs of your adoptive child

Who are adoption and foster children?  

  • David & Margaret works collaboratively with California's counties to place waiting children. 
  • Come from adverse family backgrounds
  • These children are in foster care awaiting a permanent placement. We are looking for adoptive parent(s) who desire to provide love, permanency and stability to a child.
  • Are often 3 years or older
  • May have a history of mental/physical/medical or emotional challenges
  • Are part of a sibling set


Get Involved

  • If you would like additional information, email or call (909) 593-0089
  • One-on-one orientations available upon request by calling (909) 593-0089  
  • General orientations are held from 6:00 – 8:00 p.m. on the 1st Monday of every month at:


David& Margaret Youth and Family Services

Whitney Building (large white building)

1350 Third Street

La Verne, California 91730

Tel: (909)-593-0085

Current FFA and Adoption Openings

  • After hours / weekend placement: (909) 957-1344
  • Gillette 30-day emergency, group home shelter for females: (909) 957-1346

When calling our intake line:

  • Press 1 for Foster Care/Adoptions
  • Press 1 again for the Intake/On-Call Social Worker and your call will be transferred. 
  • It takes multiple rings for the call to connect stay on the line and your call will be answered. 

Foster Family and Adoption Openings