Transitional Living Program THP-Plus Program

“ I have my own apartment and am working so that I can be independent and successful some day. I also want to get a car so I don’t have to take the bus or ride my bike all the time.” - a participant in the youth emancipation program


The Transitional Living Program or our THP-Plus Program provides low-cost housing and supportive services for young adults, ages 18-24, at risk for homelessness. 
Marissa Scholefield, MS, Program Manager 
(909) 596-5921, x3625
Fax: (909) 912-8459

The program provides support and encouragement to offer youth the hope of independence and self-sufficiency.  Services include:


§         Fully furnished living facilities

§         Trained staff available 24/7

§         Individual/group counseling

§         Individual goal-setting sessions

§         Educational services to assist with G.E.D. coursework, college or vocational courses, financial aid and scholarships

§         Career Development Workshops consisting of interviewing skills, resume writing, resources for job placement and success in the workforce

§         Workshops and resources to help develop money management skills, building good credit and opening bank accounts

§         Networking in community activities and programs to assist in developing healthy social relationships

Emancipated Foster Youth between ages 18-24

Willingness to obtain and maintain a job while completing adult education, college, or vocational program

Must be motivated to increase personal growth and independence

What we look for in our applicants:

Are you motivated?

Do you have realistic goals?

Are you responsible?

Are you willing to communicate and do you work well with others?

Are you committed to improving?  


Please submit along with your application the following:

Referral Letter

Last Quarterly Progress Report

Last Two Court Reports

Psychological Evaluation

List of current medications

Educational IEP

Proof of High School Diploma/GED

Two Most Recent Pay Check Stubs

TILP Contract

Minute Order

Proof of School Enrollment (4 year, 2 year, Vocational, Trade College)